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Theatre -L.A. Weekly Award
"The Lost Plays of Tennessee Williams" Jack Heller Acting "Directing -Best Ensemble"

 " Queen of The Lot" Produced and Directed by Henry Jaglom


I hope you know you did truly spectacular work all week. some in bits and pieces. some full out with great force and style and vulnerability and overall commitment singularly expressed that allowed you to truly soar !! That last scene at the pool with your two sons was so powerful yet subtle. at the tail with Tanna ----you wrapped it all up in true King Lear as Willy Loman style. Looking for a bit more excitement with you next week.

With sincere admiration.
Henry Jaglom


Theatre -Reviews  " Just 45 Minutes from Broadway"

“Although this is an ensemble piece, some of the work warrants particular mention. Heller projects an aura of authority, with a commanding presence that dominates the action.” - The Hollywood Reporter

“Jack Heller plays the hypochondriac with great compassion and humor. especially when the venerable old actor realizes the starring parts will no longer be coming his way and that he needs sleeping pills to get him through the night, along with his favorite almond cookies.” - The American Chronicles

“Jack Heller as the high strung. "sleepless" husband gives a richly rewarding, heartfelt performance.” - The Tolucan Times  

“Jack Heller's performance as Grisha is commanding and exhilarating (think Olivier in King Lear); grabbing the audiences attention each time he appears on stage. “
- California Chronicle

“Heading the family is the richly drawn patriarch, George. or Grisha. is played by the pluperfect Jack Heller, who, with his rich cadences and ringing pronouncements resembles a latter-day Monty Woolley. Jack Heller provides the perfect example of what a little stillness can do to make a role truly riveting.” - San Diego Jewish Word

“When Heller speaks. you can hear Jaglom's witticism come out of his mouth. just like the words of Woody Allen shine through. when spoken by other actors in his films.”- Will Call Index

“Heller successfully balances the early 20th century leading man over-the-top style with sweetness of a raggedy old and tattered teddy bear. “ - Park Labrea News/Beverly Press

“Jack is unstoppable as the hilarious funny insomniac who gels confused about how many sleeping pills he has taken, while playing the challenged and former actor with such humor, the audience continued to laugh throughout every scene he appeared in. “ - Canyon News

“Both Diane Salinger as the spiritual, down to earth wife, and Jack Heller as the high strung. "sleepless" husband give rewarding. heartfelt performances! “ - Will Call

Beverly Press  - 2009 MADDY AWARD - Jack Heller for "Just 45 Minutes From Broadway"


"The remarkable Jack Heller creeps into the soul of Williams with an uncanny and miraculous ease..." - Entertainment Today

"Much of the shows success is due to Heller's performance, which is manly and pathetic, cruel and pitiful, all at once." - Backstage West/Drama Logue

"Heller's brilliant portrayal of Williams is a gut wrenching, fully credible interpretation." - Frontiers


"Jack Heller turns in a tour-de-force performance as Edgar..." - Los Angeles Times Calendar

“Heller... really shines. Like a failing machine, he sputters, rolls, and explodes through the play, embodying the stubborn determination of this ailing man." - Backstage West